Friday, May 6, 2016

Never Hillary

Never Hillary! We must block Hillary from getting back into the White House. The Clinton's are political syphilis that infect the body politic. After nearly 8 years of a Muslim Marxist in the White House, we must unite to prevent a globalist who bows to her Saudi masters. Hillary has an allegiance to foreign factions and her policies reflect that.

Hillary Clinton has a long sordid history of dishonesty, corruption and greed. When a person has conviction, they have an axis, they walk with a purpose and they never go off kilter. Hillary has no conscience. She's a sociopath who will do anything for money and power. After all, she did write her thesis on Saul Alinsky while attending Wellesely College. Hillary racked up her first scandal when she was at the ripe age of 27. As a young lawyer she was working on the Watergate investigation for the House Judiciary Committee to impeach President Nixon and her supervisor, Jerry Zeifman, a Democrat had this to say about why Hillary was fired...

 "Because she was a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer, she conspired to violate the   Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the Committee, and the rules of confidentiality." 

Hillary had a chance to straighten herself out after this firing. She was young and we are forgiving people here in America. We give people a chance to right their wrongs, especially if they made bad decisions early on in life. Instead, Hillary CHOSE to double down and continue down the path of self service, ignoring the law of the land, committing treason and perjuring herself. The bodies started to pile up, literally.

The Clinton's had their share of scandals in Arkansas, but let us fast forward to 1992 when they moved into the White House. Once the grifters moved into the White House, the scandals multiplied exponentially. They used the IRS and FBI to target political opponents and to harass the women who dared come forward about Bill Clinton's unwanted sexual advances. Hillary unleashed secret police on women who were his rape victims!

Bill Clinton's zipper problems and lying landed him in court, ultimately facing impeachment. Hillary, his loving co-pilot made life hell for the women caught up in Bill Clinton's web of infidelity. As a woman who claims she's for women's rights, Hillary did everything she could in her power to silence these women. She called them 'trash' and humiliated them. As always, Hillary led with her self serving, unethical drive in her quest for power. The Clinton's left a trail of bodies. Anyone who dared cross them disappeared or turned into fodder via character assassination. Below is an image detailing the Clinton body count. Upon exiting the White House and stealing over $200K worth of china and furniture, the Clinton crime syndicate continued their money laundering through a shadowy conduit called the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation is merely a front for foreign payoffs and bribes putting them in a position where they must have an allegiance to foreign factions, or face having the money powers turn off the spigot. How can Hillary be President of the United States if she doesn't serve America and our interests?

Hillary continued to ride her husbands coattails to become Senator for New York, then onto Secretary of State all the while paving her a path to run for the White House. She was an utter failure as Secretary of State as her decisions and policies revolved around her foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation. While Hillary was Secretary of State, she was directly linked to a Uranium deal. As reported by, two New York Times Pulitzer prize-winning investigative journalists uncovered the details. After $145 million flowed into the Clinton Foundation, Russia ended up owning 20% of U.S. Uranium assets.Traitor! Criminal!

Where the hell is the media?! Why the hell is this woman still freely walking around? As if this Uranium deal wasn't bad enough, Hillary CHOSE to ignore hundreds of cables coming in from Benghazi, Libya when Ambassador Stevens was begging the State Department for more security. We lost 4 Americans on 9/11/12 either because of Hillary's incompetence or allegiance to foreign factions. Either is unacceptable. What's even more egregious is Hillary's response during the Benghazi hearings when she fired back at a lawmaker who pressed her about on why we lost 4 Americans that day, "What difference at this point does it make?!". These are not the words of a leader. These are the words of a traitor who doesn't care about Americans.

I can go on and on about Hillary's failures as Secretary of State (such as the $6 billion mysteriously missing from the State Department on her watch), but the list is too long so I will save it for another piece. We are in a dire situation here after a Muslim Marxist usurped the Presidency. We must unite to keep Hillary from becoming President. Hillary will be the death knell. Hillary has spent her entire life lying, murdering and swindling her way to the top. The Clinton Foundation is such a powerful force that she is a slave to its donors. She must obey her foreign donors or face losing the power and money she seeks with a drive we only see in megalomaniacs. Just remember that you aren't going to agree with everything that a politician stands for. We must unite and get behind our GOP nominee otherwise Hillary, the open borders globalist will finish what Obama started.


Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Fallout From Turkey's Continued Denial Of The Armenian Genocide

Modern day Turkey is yesterdays Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire has a very long, bloody history of violent conquest in the name of Islam, dating back to early 14th century. Ottomans butchered their way across the Mediterranean and the Balkans, ultimately conquering Constantinople. The Battle of Vienna in 1683 marked the first major victory against the Ottomans after the Siege of Vienna merely held them back in 1529. They suffered a series of setbacks and defeats for years, but that didn't stop them from their last massacre in early 20th century, the Armenian Genocide.

April 24, 1915 also known as 'Red Sunday' was the beginning of the Armenian Genocide. On this day, over 250 Armenian leaders were rounded up, deported and ultimately murdered. Muslim Turks ended up murdering over 1.5 million Christian Armenians, nearly 1 million Orthodox Greeks and nearly 1 million Christian Assyrians. The Genocide was a systemic ethnic and religious cleansing. Many able-bodied males were immediately killed to prevent an uprising. The women, children and elderly were utterly defenseless making it easy to force the death marches into the Syrian desert. Turkish military escorts led the Armenians as they were deported from their own homeland. Armenians were deprived of food, water and were commonly robbed, raped and brutally murdered during these death marches.

Many historians agree that the atrocities carried out by the Turks against the Armenians were among the worst the world has ever seen. Eye witness accounts of the events reveal how truly demonic Islam is, as only demon possessed people could carry out such horrific acts. It is truly shocking what the Turks did, which included the rape of children (including corpses of children), cutting babies from mother's wombs, dismembering children, and beheading men, women and children in front of their family members. What is so infuriating is that Turkey denies this Genocide to this day. The fallout from Turkey's continued denial has had a domino effect on the West.

Because Turkey was able to exterminate the majority of the Armenians and steal property without repercussions, Hitler was able to carry out his plan of ethnic cleansing, resulting in millions of innocent Jews murdered. In fact, Hitler was inspired by the Armenian Genocide. It was his blueprint to bring about his dream of an Aryan society by removing people he deemed inferior. Many more genocides took place over the 20th century as the world continued to turn their heads and allow more and more innocent people to die.

           "Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?" -Hitler August 22, 1939

Additionally, Turkey is looked at as a kindly benign faction and an ally to the West, which is why they were invited to join NATO in 1952. Turkey is now under the umbrella of safety with other Western nations who, under Article 5 are obligated to protect them if any country were to attack them. Turkey is openly aiding and abetting ISIS by funding them and allowing ISIS fighters to take refuge there. Turkey also recently shot down a Russian jet they alleged flew into their airspace. The umbrella of NATO made it nearly impossible for Russia to retaliate because if they were to attack Turkey, the US and other nations in NATO could be pulled into war by invoking article 5. They have also managed to romance the world with tourism, making a lot of money from the travel industry. Furthermore, Turkey makes billions of dollars off of hazelnut and apricot exports from farms they stole from Armenians, again making them financially powerful.

While over 20 countries have officially recognized the Armenian Genocide, it is imperative that the U.S. recognizes it. The U.S. must lead the world in recognizing the atrocities towards the Armenians. We are seeking a peaceful, global movement. We are openly calling for recognition and reparations. This is necessary to end the worldwide genocides happening, known and unknown. Our wounds are still open. The souls of our ancestors who were not given a proper burial are screaming out to the world. The Turks tried to bury us, but they didn't know that we were seeds. We are alive and we will never stop fighting for worldwide recognition.

Sources: Wikipedia

Friday, April 8, 2016

Transgender Bathrooms Are Not About Equality, But About Marxism

When our Founding Fathers were fighting for freedom from the British Crown, I doubt they ever thought our country would be fighting over transgender bathrooms. The Patriots were fighting the British Parliament over taxes which they deemed unconstitutional. The Declaration of Independence is an outright rejection of the abuses, usurpations and tyranny by royals run amok. How far our country has fallen, as the left is now arguing that transgender bathrooms are about equality for all. Aside from the obvious dangers of allowing men to waltz into women's bathrooms and locker rooms, I will expose the true Marxist roots to this movement. Blurring the gender lines and pitting men and women against each other are crucial for a Marxist revolution.

Cultural Marxism played a key role in Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution. According to Marxist theory, workers would rise up and overthrow their governments in 1914 when the war came to their land. 1914 came and there was no such revolt. A Marxist coup in 1917 transpired, but still stalled a total takeover, so leaders put their heads together to figure out what was causing people to resist tyranny. They figured out it was the Western culture, specifically Christianity that was causing the cohesive bond in society. Leaders started a new movement to break down the culture and introduced the idea of being 'politically correct'. The government started various commissions to influence and transform society. -(William S Lind)

Race and gender inequality became the focus to breakdown Western culture. The strong family unit became a target. At the time, families consisted of a father who worked and provided for the family, while the mother stayed at home and reared children(often times elderly grandparents also lived in the home). In order to get the people to acquiesce and become part of the fodder, the leaders knew that they had to remove the father from the home and get women in the workforce. The 'think tank', Critical Theory was formed and so began the introduction to feminism and the idea that the two sexes are merely a 'social construct'.

Schools began teaching sex education to children. Posters and other propaganda started flooding the public with images of working women. Gender neutral art was displayed. Sound familiar? These types of societal inversions continued until the nuclear family unit was broken down. The Marxist leaders were right. Once the family unit was destroyed, a full takeover of society was possible. Ultimately, the Bolsheviks took over and years of famine and misery followed.

The West is currently under attack by 3rd wave feminism. Feminists have gone full circle. While they began their fight against a patriarchy that oppressed them, they are now arguing that gender is a social construct. Feminists are fighting for women to be drafted into the military and to serve in combat positions. They have also aligned themselves with the new protected group, transgenders. Cultural Marxism always has a group of people considered 'special' or 'protected'. These groups rights always supersede the rights of others no matter the consequences. One by one, Counties and States are fighting over gender neutral public bathrooms. This will give grown men the right to walk into a bathroom or locker room where women and little girls are nude or partially nude. What kind of society do we have where this is appropriate? What kind of society do we have where the most vulnerable, the women and children are put in danger of predators and perverts just to cater to an infinitesimal group of people?

Gender neutral bathrooms have nothing to do with equality, but everything to do with Marxism. We must reject it. Blurring gender lines is the last step for tyranny to accelerate as it quickly erodes our Western values. Women and children have always been protected when fighting for the homeland. If we reach a point where the majority believe that gender is a social construct, then what will the men protect? What will be worth fighting for if not for your family and your future?

Sources:Wikipedia, Extracted from American Conservative (William S Lind)


Monday, April 4, 2016

TPP Will Have Americans Paying Jizya Tax To Muslims

U.S. Trade agreements are the big buzz this election cycle. Bill Clinton's NAFTA is coming under heavy fire. After 20 years of implementation, it has proven to be an utter failure for the United States. NAFTA has given us a multi-billion dollar trade deficit, as well as over 1 million jobs lost. While NAFTA has stolen jobs from the American people, there is a much more sinister trade agreement on the horizon that compromises not only our job market, but our sovereignty. The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, also known as TPP or Obamatrade is arguably the most dangerous and destructive trade agreement in U.S. history.

As reported, according to political analyst, Curtis Ellis, the text inside TPP can give Sharia law an opportunity to creep into the U.S. Ellis explains that previous trade agreements have given the U.S. full control over national security interests as it deemed necessary-even if it violated the terms of the agreement.
Since TPP reverses this, other countries could claim the U.S. national security interests violate the TPP agreement! Consequently, the U.S. can be forced to pay billions of dollars in damages!

Jizya is a tax on non-Muslims by Muslims. The tax isn't just about taking money, it's about Muslims showing they are superior to non-Muslims. So how can TPP have Americans paying Jizya tax to Muslims? It just so happens that Brunei is one of the eleven countries included in TPP. They have adopted Sharia Law despite widespread condemnation from international human rights groups. The Sultan of Brunei could sue for billions of dollars if CFIUS, the current committee who oversees pending foreign investments denies their bid to buy a company or a piece of land which can put U.S. security at risk.

“Under Chapter 28 and Chapter 29, these foreign investors could do an end-run around U.S. courts and sue the U.S. before an international panel, known as an investor-state dispute tribunal, if they feel American law violates their ‘rights’ under the TPP,” Ellis argues.

The Sultan of Brunei can bring this case to a foreign tribunal which can force American taxpayers to award him for lost profits (Jizya). TPP is a highly dangerous trade agreement and Congress needs to vote it down. This is the first trade agreement in history that removes the stipulation that a national security risk can strike down any foreign trade.

Ellis also explains that Australia, Canada, Mexico and New Zealand all have their foreign investment review laws, however the U.S. does not. This leads me to believe that this is deliberate and our treasonous leaders are allowing the enemy, Islam to gain a foothold here.